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    medical center «ELMED»
    I express my gratitude to the surgeon Andrei Vladimirovich and all the staff of the center for the excellent ear otoplas...ty. This is not the first time I have applied to this center. Highly qualified doctors and staff. Thanks a lot to everyone!
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire staff of the medical center and separately thank the talented su...rgeon, sensitive and kind person Kurik Maria Fedorovna. To our son's excellent ear otoplasty. He liked you right away and he said that I would not be afraid to have this aunt's operation. Many thanks!
    I did face lipofilling. I liked the attitude of the medical staff very much. Such attention! After the operation, I was ...not left alone for a second, although I felt wonderful. Was connected to the devices that monitored my readings. Anesthesia is wonderful. I could speak right away, my tongue did not get tangled, my head was not spinning, I did not feel sick. Special thanks to the talented plastic surgeon Kurek Maria Fedorovna, the most attentive doctor-anesthesiologist Dmitry Vasilyevich. Words are not empty, I have something to compare with.
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